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We're really pleased you've found us, and we look forward to getting to know you. You're welcome to Contact us to ask any questions, or meet up for a Coffee or lunch for a chat. See you soon! smiley 


What to Expect at a Church Service

When you arrive at our church, you will be welcomed by 2 or 3 people at the entrance door. They may give you a leaflet about the church's activities. You can then go into the church & sit on any seat in the main area of the building.

Our Services start with a welcome. Then, we sing several worship songs, one by one. Sit or stand to sing, whichever you feel most comfortable with, or stand at the back of the church. The words of the songs are on a large screen on the left, at the front of the church.

After one of the songs, a person will read out the notices of events and prayer requests. Also, Bible passages will be read. After another song, there will be a 'Collection' - this is where a bag or a plate is passed from person to person - an opportunity to give money to the work of the church. You don't need to put any money in the bag or on the plate - do not feel under any pressure.

The children and young people go outside to their teaching sessions in the church hall. They will come back to join everyone at the end of the Church Service.

Someone will stand at the front of the church, and speak about a topic relating to the Bible for roughly 30 minutes - this will be a Minister or a member of the church, or a visiting speaker from another church.

After the talk, there will be more worship songs - stand or sit down, whichever is more comfortable for you. There will also be prayers.

Someone will stand at the front of the church and say a prayer - this will be the end of the Service. You are then welcome to have a cup of coffee or tea, and eat some yummy cake - there are members of the church who will serve you - just tell them what you'd like to drink. This is a good opportunity to get to know people in the church, so please do stay around and chat.



The first Sunday of each month, we have a Communion Service - for those who are Christians who eat a piece of bread and drink a small cup of non-alcoholic wine, to represent Jesus' body and blood. The Bread will be pasall from person to person, and you are welcome to take bread if you are a Christian from any denomination. We eat the bread when we have taken it.

Afterwards, the Wine (non-alcoholic) is passed from person to person - small glass cups in a container. You are welcome to take a glass if you are a Christian. We all wait until everyone has taken a glass cup - then we all drink together.



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