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A safe place to explore questions about life and death

Do you have questions that you want to ask about the Christian faith but don’t know how to ask?

Do you think you will be laughed at if you start asking questions about Jesus Christ?

You are warmly invited to Alpha – a short course looking at what Christians believe, through the Gospel of Mark.

What happens at Alpha? 

Each time we meet, we will include a Meal, a DVD Talk, and a group discussion. Please bring your questions with you.

You won’t be asked to pray, sing or read aloud, and you can ask any questions you like. Or, if you prefer you can come along and simply listen.

When does it Start? 

Watch Alpha on Youtube: Session 1: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hBMMD5C0k-s

Please Contact Us, or phone: (07494) 574761, or email: p.greenin@gmail.com if you would like to chat more about things. We look forward to speaking to you.

How much does it Cost?

Nothing. Alpha is free.

What are the Topics each Week?

  • What are we doing here?
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Why did Jesus come?
  • Why did Jesus die?
  • Why did Jesus rise?
  • How can God accept us?
  • What does it mean to follow Jesus?


What's the Background to the course?

Developed over 10 years, Alpha is an informal course for people who would like to investigate Christianity, or just brush up on the basics. It explores who Jesus was, what his aims were, what it means to follow him.

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